identiMetrics Brings Biometrics to

HOPE Charter School 


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HOPE Charter School is a 9 -12 grade public school located in the Philadelphia area. Its cornerstone is to work with young people who have experienced educational disruptions and challenges and need the benefit of small classes, a small learning environment and on-site social services. HOPE has approximately 440 students, with an average class size of 18 students. For the last two years, every student graduate has been offered a college place. Mr. James Carl King is the Director of Operations at HOPE. Mr. King is a former Science & Chemistry teacher, United States Marine Veteran and is retired from the Washington D.C. Police Department. Among the many hats that Mr. King wears every day, he is also responsible for security, attendance and food service accountability.

The Challenges

“Like most charter schools, our main issue is accountability. We need to have 100% accurate attendance records and food service records every day in order for us to get timely reimbursements. The “old fashioned” way of taking attendance just wasn’t working for us and cost us money - both in hard dollars and the cost of running an inefficient operation.

I wanted a complete solution that could quickly and accurately get the students processed into our Student Information System, PowerSchool, and cafeteria POS system, PowerLunch. I also needed an integrated system for late attendance and early dismissal.


identiMetrics has helped us to

improve the efficiency of our school

which has impacted the experience 

of all of our students.   


I knew that Foundations was using biometrics in their after school tutoring programs to make sure that their records were accurate. It’s through them that I learned about identiMetrics and their reputation for outstanding support and technical assistance.

The Solution

identiMetrics Biometric ID Management™ uses a single common database for student and staff identification in the cafeteria, classroom, attendance office, school entrance, nurse's office, library, for dances and athletic events - anywhere in the school where you need to identify students and staff.  Once the students are enrolled in identiMetrics, they can be identified quickly and accurately to PowerSchool or any other third party software application that uses swipe card, barcode or ID number input.

We got started by setting up a scan location where the students scan in for attendance. The students scan in when they enter the school at the door entrance. Anyone who is late or leaves early scans as well. We have another scan location in the cafeteria where the students scan when they get their breakfasts and lunches. The cafeteria lines move very fast. Now they actually have time to eat and talk to their friends.

How's it Working?

Not only are my PowerSchool attendance and food service reports 100% accurate, but our attendance has actually gone up. We have been able to eliminate the homeroom period since we now have accurate attendance records giving the students more instructional time.


Hope Charter School

 We also know who is in the building at all times and we’re ready for an audit at a moment’s notice. We plan to set up scan locations in every classroom so we can take attendance at every period and to monitor the comings and goings in the restrooms as well.

At HOPE, we pride ourselves on providing a safe and secure environment that is designed to meet the unique and comprehensive needs of our students. identiMetrics has helped us to improve the efficiency of our school which has improved the experience of all of our students.”





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