identiMetrics Brings Biometrics to

Charter Schools in New Jersey 


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Lady Liberty Academy Charter School is located in Newark and is one of 64 charter schools currently in the state of New Jersey.  Lady Liberty is a technology-rich school with an administration committed to the science and technology charter. Lady Liberty opened nine years ago and has approximately 450 students. Eric Patton is the technology coordinator.

Liberty Academy Logo

Biometrics at Lady Liberty Charter School

“Almost all of our students are in the free and reduced lunch program,” Eric said. “In order to receive our reimbursement, we required a reporting system that worked with PowerSchool where there would be no question regarding the accuracy of our records for the Department of Agriculture. We didn’t want a card system - students forget and loose cards and we didn’t want an ID number system - students forget their numbers and sometimes ‘borrow’ their friend’s ID numbers. Finger scanning was the perfect solution.  You can’t steal or forget your finger! 

There are now no issues regarding

the accuracy of our reporting.

Nobody can call into question 

the teachers' records.    


The identiMetrics biometric ID system has sped up the lunch lines tremendously. The system ensures that our records are accurate. Our auditor used to spend days going through paperwork and manually generating reports. I was initially a little nervous since the lunch staff had limited computer experience, but the implementation was seamless and it was simple for the staff to learn to use.

This is our second year using identiMetrics and every student is participating. It’s part of our handbook and now is our standard policy. There's an added bonus. We also use identiMetrics in the main office to check in the late students. Since there are now no issues regarding the accuracy of our reporting; nobody can call into question the teachers' records.”  


Greater Newark Charter School is also located in Newark. GNCS started in 2000 and serves 200 students in grades 5 through 8. Karen Mirro-Drew is the Director of Finance & Operations. Karen’s position has many responsibilities, including developing and integrating systems to optimize the operations of GNCS. 

Greater Newark Charter School

Biometrics at Greater Newark Charter School

“As a former law firm executive director, I understand the importance of working smarter, not harder,” Karen observed. “We implement technology throughout our school so we can work more productively.” “We needed a student ID system that would not only give us the highest level of safety and security for our students, but would also make sure our student records were accurate and not subject to human error. 


identiMetrics lets us use

technology to work smarter,

not harder.  


I learned that Lady Liberty Academy was using a biometric finger scanning system to identify their students. I gave Eric Patton a call and went over to see it in action. identiMetrics Biometric ID Management™ was exactly what I had in mind for student safety and attendance. The students are enrolled once and they can be identified to multiple software applications in our school with a simple finger scan. We now use identiMetrics for attendance, for breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria and to identify students in the nurse’s office.

The state agency can come for an audit unannounced at any time. With identiMetrics, our breakfast, lunch and attendance records are auditable and accurate in real time, every day. We know who is in the building at all times without having to rely on teachers doing the attendance by hand with the real potential of missing a child. In the case of a lock-down, we know we have all of our students accounted for. identiMetrics lets us use technology to work smarter, not harder.” 





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